Thursday, August 9, 2007

Enviorn Mental Warming

Environ Mental

When I was being growing
up back in the 40’s & 50’s
I had to be mindful in school or
I wouldn’t get The Information...

I was attention-efficient, took
notes & quizzes to make sure
I’d be doing assigned mentals
for examinations. Proctored.

Dick Tracy had a 2-way radio.

We wondered what it would
do to Communications Skills
like news descending a staircase
how it might reformat space &
time we thought. Where ever
you go: there you are—never
outof touch. Sustainable

Can you hear me now?

Never the less: I did go-to-the
library research in order to learn
foot notes & bibliographical form.
Knowing how to touch-type was
crucial. Plagiarism: a crime that
could cost points. In many ways,
education back then was pretty
much almost exactly like it is
now: more like than unlike.
I bet.

In the 60’s & 70’s:

Marshal McLuhan &
The Citizen Band Radio.

Do you read me now?
Where am I, exactly?

I watched the first man
on the moon from bed
again & again..

I still process the “old” way like
back then anyway: P.A.N.-ic
Pay Attention Now. No
fidgeting. Listen:
this’ll be on
the final.

Keeping IT Real

“For a short time
he took his studies
seriously, but soon
was reading every
thing except what
he was supposed
to read.”

Martin Gardner
on Samuel Taylor
Coleridge as a
young student,
at times a liar
and a hypocrite,
always fun-loving
and loveable.”

I once told a class:

“Look, I don’t care
if you read the text
or not: if I cared, I
couldn’t CARE for
crying out loud, and
I really CARE.”


Keeping IT real.
Keeping It REAL?

I’m embarrassed
to think I could.
As if IT needed
my assistance.

Nevertheless, I
would make IT
a banner theme
always for what
ever three courses
I’m teaching any
given semester.

Let’s try &
keep it real
this time.

going to
keep it real, then?”

Yes. Yes.
I need help.
Can’t figure
how to frame it
so it’s possible
so its desirable,
so any one would
want to & could
if they wanted to.

Easier to keep it
unreal. Pretend.

“Y’all here to get
an education, right?”

“Yes, Sam. You
know that we are!”

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