Wednesday, August 8, 2007



“A European movement in art
and literature, founded in Zurich
in 1916 with an admittedly
destructive intent—to mock,
pervert, and demolish all the
tents of painting, music, poetry,
philosophy, logic, and even reason
itself and set up a pretended
madness instead, in protest to
what the leaders of the movement
regarded as the insane and vicious
destruction of civilization, life,
and thought taking place in the
trenches of World War I.”

In France it took the form of

(From Wm Rose Benet’s
The Readers Encyclopedia )

So much “surreal” going on
these days, that & ooomygawd

for emphasis & any one might
figure: it’s dada view all over
again, so surreal: surreal’s
the new real.

State of Astonishment:
stunning & just right for
study—the stammer &
stutter of liberal art.

John Cage says music and
speech are really the same
deal: both sequences in time,
one-after-another-one: now
you hear it, now you don’t
is what they have in common;
don’t be letting differences
get in the way of knowing
the same thing.

Sound is everything.

Oyez Oyez
Obey Obey
Listen Listen

My old man claimed:
“if I have to choose,
I’d rather be blind
than deaf & dis-

Voice is all.
Content’s galore.

xxxooo, Sam

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