Friday, August 3, 2007

Environ Mental Conditions

Environ Mental Studies &
Leadership Programs.

Foucault attempted to found a new
discipline, one that would be organized
not about the history of IDEAS (opinions,
beliefs, what Foucault called “doxology”),
but rather the study of the conditions
of the possibilities of ideas.

Eric Paras, Foucault 2.0: Beyond
Power and Knowledge.

What conditions provide environments for
the Possibilities of Ideas? (As distinct from
studying ideas & beliefs already at hand:
doxo-logic: right opinion.)

Do you buy the distinction?
Frame Discourse: let’s have a Conversation
on what it takes to have conversation on the
conditions needed for conversations that studies
the possibilities of ideas. Might we talk about
how we might talk about what we want to talk
about? The students think I’m nuts when I get
off on this tack. Stunning. They don’t get it
and I don’t blame them. Environmentalism
means how green grow the rushes ho to them.

Environ-Mentalism, call it. Noetic Weather
Forecasting: studying the conditions our
conditioning is in: Environ-mentalism as
opposed to the common mensuration of
subject & object matter, talk-topics, &
traditional content.

Practicing contextual and not just textual
harassment, say: meta-leap to consider the
Environment of our environmentalism: the
ambient surround-sound so to speak:
noise-to-news ratios, high def to
low fidelity cerebral climate
control & atmospheric
pressure: what it
takes to sustain
the growing of
local food.

Call it Hysterics: literally assessing womb,
whelm, matrix, culture, convention within:
the environmentalism we swim in, amniotic.

Greek hypocrites (actors) wore large masks
with a megaphone in the mouth-piece called a
person or persona (sound-thru), so the lines of
the drama (words) would be amplified and the
listeners could obey (hear) them:
Environmental environmentalism!.
Assessing the obedience of the audience..

The porno-erotic writings on Jensen john
stall walls signal environmental reminders
of our fundamentalism: bottom-line & thetic
contrast to my old-guy anti-thetical life-of-
minding & mere meta-physical concerns, not
at all the embodimental manifest written on
the bathroom walls lest we forget ongoing
Mazlovian Needs, global warnings not with

I’m trying to operate an Adult Predator
Platonic Love Sting in reverse here.
Bring lap tops.
We’ll have a Good Time by All…

…wondering what meta-environmental conditions
mother new ideas, small fluorescent light bulbs
replacing incandescence, hybrid auto-poetics,
a rabbit on my lawn wiggling nose & ears at the same
time, Autism & The Learning Disabled appearing at
The Orange Peel for the benefit of breast, colon,
testicular, and prostate Cancer, cross- country bicycling
tours for ADD & Restless Legs Relief, Teen Suicide
Prevention & any one can pledge per mile; handi-capped
will soon gain elevator access to our Jensen Humanities
Division & environ mental studies programs.

The blade belt on my riding mower busted
Wednesday. I drove past Reynolds High
to Mountain Variety Hardware
for a replacement.

“Do you want the 11 dollar one, or the 18?”
I said, “18—no, no never mind: 11!”

Took 45 minutes of work-program activity
& skinned knuckles to replace & it made
my summer. I slept sleep good that night.

When I wake anxious, it’s not global warnings
or the whelm of environ-mental second hand
smoke: Darfur & Cheshire atrocities, London
bridging falling down, not war in Iraq & middle
east unrest or those rogue North Koreans that
stoke a furnace beneath my sternum.

Sustainability don’t grip my mind when I drive
into Asheville. I’m likely to wonder who will
survive “So You Think You Can Dance,” honestly.

My fear & trembling has nothing to do with what
it’s supposed to, with what We All Talk About,
dedicate speech, debate & vote-on.

That an unbridgeable gap spans the issues-&-
concerns-I-talk about on the one hand and
what-actually-worries-me on the other hand is
what actually worries me, but still—even
more fundamental: the anti-doxological
condition my condition is in.

Night sweats. Sam

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