Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Living in a Fool's Paragraph

Dear Colleagues,

Spend it now.
Don’t save it for later.

The true meaning of
the ecology of waste: throw
it away throw it away throw
it away: plenty more where
that comes from. The opposite
is also true, of course,
but how can it be told

I live in a fool’s paragraph.

(wrestling with god)

Now a June bug was knocking
at my window. I was wrestling
inside a sentence… Even when
passages seemed to come easily,
as though copying from a folio
held open by smiling angels,
the manuscript reveals the usual
signs of struggle —bloodstains,
teeth marks, gashes and burns.”
(Annie Dillard)

With regard to Art
(as opposed to inert):

Mum’s the word: no mutter, no
matter, no murmur, mummer:
it can not be said aloud to any

Zip it! Zip it good. Even that
it-can’t-be-said probably mustn’t
be, certainly NOT to the one it
mustn’t be said to—

oh, have I got something
to say to you that I can
not say and won’t!

You can see how useless, telling
someone IT can’t be told. Might
as well go ahead & and tell it then
(even wrong), now you said you
can’t: cat’s as good as out of the box..

The work of writing is not the
vision itself certainly…nor the
vision reproduced in Time, that
were impossible. It is rather a
simulacrum and a replacement.
It is a golem.

You try—you try every time to
reproduce the vision, to let the
light so shine before men. But
you can only come along with
your bushel and hide it.”
(A. Dillard)


“The madness of the holy fool beside
which the wisdom of the world is
revealed as folly”
is how Leslie Fiedler characterizes
Simon Weil, and how are they going
to just get along:

holy fool on the one hand;
wise world on the other hand?

Turn it way up: the opposition.
Put them in play. Let foolishness
& wisdom make sustainable
converse-action. “Let Be be
finale of seem.”

“Best of all exercises for the finding of
is the confrontation of statements that
seem absolutely to contradict each other.”

Clap & clap: the sound of 2 hands.

Method of Investigation:
as soon as you have arrived
at any position, try to see in
what sense the contrary is true.”

(Leslie Fiedler on Simone Weil:
Waiting for God.)


For example:

Purposively and
Focus on Outcomes:

Sustainability implies
paying attention to
comprehensive out-
comes and actions
insofar as they can
be anticipated at

This is known as full
cost accounting or

This kind of accounting
assumes that all aspects
of a system can be
measured and audited.

(Paul Hawken From
Wikipedia, the free
encyclopedia )

Au contraire: pay much less
attention to comprehensive
outcomes & actions. All
aspects of a system can
not be measured & audited.

Forget about it.
Not even close.
We’re living in a fool’s paragraph.

Spend Thrift.

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