Thursday, September 27, 2007

Between a Butt and a Hard Place

CoursING with out Borders
across the curriculum

“Why can’t people just say what they mean,
mean what they say?”

The Dream of a Pure Communication,
(common language?)
expressed in Linguistics class. .

PURE = clean, purged, purgatory.

You want CLEAN conversation? Clean
communication? No ambiguity or ambi-
valence, no doubling or doubting, no play,
deceit, duplicity, trickery, no margin for
error: just a straight shot in the skullhaus,
like some Immaculate Conception, say—
no intermediary mediation?

Something like I GOT IT! Eureka!
Hallelu Jah! (Clean: no dirt, no noise
—pure sanitary sanitation: in other
words SANE, the opposite of
which is unsanitary, unclean: insane.)

PURE as a state of MIND, minding.

PURE as a state of Body, body-ing.

Do not conflate, collapse, or confuse
these 2 radically incommensurate states
of PURE unless you don’t mind being
Meta-Impure, epi-insane, and typically
I’m-only-Human and all I’m doing is
just using/abusing just words & re-
presentations, best I can: for my
own purposes, aims, intentions.


Between a But and a Hard Place

Any one here can SEE
this is a butt and this is a rock.

BUT: what I wanted to turn UP last time is
the fact that I DID merely scrawl a few
lines (images?) on the chalkboard


Let this Stand-for
(act like a scape goat and
carry the shared significance of )
Butt & Rock.

& I was trying to HYPE how
it was (I called it ridiculous) that you all
complied, went with me—go ahead,
Sam: move on—what’s your point
for crying out loud…

FIRST: Well: my POINT right then was
If it’s shared, the sloppy mess of our images
and words and effort to EXPRESS will be
over-looked (unless you are a
quibbling English teacher or some lawyer);
because basicallyit don’t take MUCH to
Stand-For stuff .

(which I guess IS much.)

Are you following me on THIS?
IT’s a very Big Deal. Fun-da-mental!

Secondarily: where are you going to
In Butt? IN Rock? OR: in the ratio,
the relationship?

To call Rock Hard is what-we-do. But “hardness”
actually (really!) stands-for (signifies) the ratio, relay,
relationship between the 2 (butt&rock)–and not a
thing-in-itself, nor a quality of rock, either, damnit—
except by our epistemological convention and habit.
Which is nothing to sneeze at, I admit.


Believe me: playing with this TERNARY relationship
(usually ignored and collapsed into a BINARY: me
and that hard rock bastard, damnit) can theoretically
play out into a lot of zinger-insights which, if they
don’t make communication PURE, at least go a good
way toward expurgating a lot of our unmindful “confusion.”

Of course IT will generate it’s own confusion if you try
and tell others that the rock’s not hard: it’s how it gets
along with your ass that is hard; they probably won’t
Get It unless you can slow the whole deal down and talk
about how we talk about such stuff. .

This kind of talk here is School Mode talk. Don’t try it
at home. No good in Church & State modes; won’t get
you elected or raise money or fix the roof insisting ouch,
damnit, oooo signifies relationship: not Iraq,
Iran & a hard pace or any person, place, or thing..

Please improve my terms and images
but try and sustain the distinctions—

for the sake of argument, of course--
or what's a college for?

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