Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ways of Talking (Courses Without Border)

Dear Linguistics, Fiction-ist,
Liberal Arts, Goedel, Escher
& Bach students as well as
Colleagues Across the Curriculum

HAP : what hap-ens, yes?
anyone got a problem with

Ways of Talking about HAP:

Common Sense ways,
Disciplinary ways,
Traditional ways:
all ways that are
with aims
& objectives
& teleo-logic.

Each way generates views and perspectives
that are patterned & shaped out of the various
Ways of Talking chosen. Physics Talk will put
a man on the moon, partially address global
warming; Biology Talk will give me organic
systems-in-emergent-relationshipz & partially
address global warming; Economic Talk,
History talk, Psychology & Philosoply Talk
all add pieces to the pie and the invisible elephant
in the middle of our class room and partially
address global warming & the thickening of the
bozone layer, say—in manners of speaking.

In this sense: choosing my Ways of Talking is
LIKE taking-care-what-I-ask-for, pray-for—
because I will GET IT, get it? I want to talk
ATMAN talk? I'll get ATMAN perspectives.
Buddha talk? (got to kill the Buddha if I meet
him in the cross roads!) Presbyterian talk?
Islam talk? Computer programming talk? Myth
& Ritual talk...

Choices are infinite—like sentences transformed
out of Chomsky’s Deep Grammar—and it’s good
if ever any ones are talking the Same Ways of Talking
at more or less the same time: building up that tower
from earth to heaven: to make the whirl a better pace,

The more Ways of Talking the Merrier, true?
At least in School Mode (L. schola “leisure time”).
Not so much in Church and State modes where
the convention is to be trying to do On-the-Same-
Page Talk, in The-Same-Box Talk--for convenience's

This kind of talk I'm demonstrating right be-here-now
(I claim, presumptuously, but you can improve my terms
and images or what's a college for?) I call:

about Ways of Talking
about HAP hap-ening


Z) ways of talking about hap

About ways of talking about hap.

A juggling going on.
At least “in game mode”
ludic: in play, ludicrous) and
then, say, someone CHOOSES
and says: This will be the Way we talk
about Hap, damnit. In which case it’s no longer
in School Mode but in Work & Service Project
Mode (illudic, deludic), and that’s what CHOICE
(Willy/Nilly) is Good for—among other things.
Determining and being determined by the Ways
of Talking.

And IT’s always at a sacrifice. A sacrament, really:
a partialityrepresenting (standing-for, inadequately )
the WHOLE (holy). A rip-off, so to speak in our
manners of speaking: a necessary violence and
moving violation. Criminal acts of fashion &
discrimination costing an arm and another
arm, damnit and it’s the sound of one
hand slapping all the time. Awesome.
No wonder I feel GUILT all the
time. Such a debt I’ll never
pay it off.

This is just One way of Talking
about Ways of Talking about
Hap hap-ening hap-ily
HAP don’t care one
way or the other
how I talk.Hap's
hap-y any which
way, true?

(Can you guess which Way of Talking
this represents? Characterize?
Talk this way?)

xxxooo, Presbyter

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