Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Collaborative Genius

Dear Colleagues,

Local Sustain Abilities & the Play of Paradox

What happens when a system starts talking to itself?
Scolds, tweaks, teases, jokes, admires, turns its
SELF on and off?

How does that compare to a system that does none
of these things?

Imagine (if you can) having NO system-SELF-consciousness.

Or could that be a mode, a modality—if not a steady state?

Are you ever in states or modes where you are conscious
but not self-conscious? Please describe.

(How could I? It would be a lie.)

Con Science & Conscious & why can’t they Just Get Along?
What’s the difference? What’s the relationship? How can I TELL?

All Cretans are Liars says Epimenides, Cretan

That right there may be the heart of the whole drumming conundrum.
I’ll say it IS (for the sake of argument.)

Lady Lovelace, no less than Babbage, was profoundly aware that
with the invention of the Analytical Engine,
mankind was flirting
with mechanized intelligence—
particularly if the Engine were
capable of “eating its
own tail” (the way Babbage described the
Strange Loop
created when a machine reaches in and alters its own
stored program.” (Hofstadter: Godel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden
Braid,. pg. 25)

Loop Us
A paradox
here we
go loop
de loop.

Also called: "the double bind"
Aka: Gordian Naught.

Para doxo-logic: beside doxos, “right opinion” (doxology).
I was beside myself the other night. (para-noetic: paranoid),
not in my right mind. Little left of centric.

Sometimes when we are reading what is called Meta Fiction
(fiction which is about itself, like a movie which is about itself:
a story about itself story-ing, philosophy philosophizing about
philosopy philosophically ) I have asked students to draw a
box that boxes itself—a container that contains itself.

“You talking to ME?”

Self Swallowing Strange Loops.

I can self-correct my self . Can I self-justify?
May I? Mid wive? Trans form? My self?

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