Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Oikos Logic:
A brief Origins Myth

Courses Without Order
could be called primordial:
“prior to the WEAVE (L. ordiri).

This is a story about stories
& I’ve told it before: fiction
about fiction & what it takes
to make it new.


Penelope, whose name means
“weaver” was besieged by false
suitors while her husband Ulysses
sailed round the ocean, sailed
around the see. .

They usurped her house (oikos)
and ate her food and made a mess,
quarreling over who would gain
her hand and inheritance seeing as
Ulysses apparently abandoned her,
single mom.

Penelope promised: “As soon as I
finish weaving my tapestry, I will
choose a new husband & dad.

Penelope primordialized.
Each night she undid her weaving,
disordered her orders, confused the issue
all over again and again.

Ulysses returned and cleaned house
(oikos logic) restoring the ORDER
of orders (oikos nomic) and we
lived hap-ily from now on.

Courses without Order.
Courses without borders.
IN the in-the-beginnings
prior to the words:
what gives?

gap, gape, chasm
always awaiting the play
of Randy Random & Ollie Order
to beginagin

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