Thursday, September 6, 2007

Knew Writing

IN the 40’s I knew writing
when they’d insist I switch
from left handedness so I
could fit in to a right-handed

IN the 50’s I knew math
before it was New Math
and Base 10 became
arbitrarily arbitrary.

IN the 60’s & 70’s
I knew writing when
Left Brains & Right
were differentiated
& hot & anyone could
embrace a non-linear
lynyrd skynnard innerd
child and Come Out as
Right-Minded, damnit.

IN 80’s & 90’s I started
righting in columns for
convenience sake when
WORD let me know
I could.

My lectures became hand-outs:
Mind-on-a-Page: M.O.P.
(I named it)

You got to right, write
I insiste: sneeze!
Kleenex Komposition!
A-choo! & plenty more
where that comes from
& their response is always
next lecture’s lecture.

Recursion in the class room.

One of my brightest college
dazed verbal & vocal ADHD
dyslectic & Learning Disabled
told me: Sam: I can READ!
I can read those columns!
They don’t feel like cinder
block to me.”

He took a semester at Oxford,
said he never read a book in
college, teaches at Yeshiva
High School;
learned piano in 3 months
and gave a recital in Kittredge.

Late at night when he knows I’m
not in the office (study, studio)
he voice-mails 15-minute
disquisitions. I e-mail
him back. Looks
like this looks
like. .

But this is neither
here nor there.

xxxooo, Annie Sullivan

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