Friday, September 7, 2007

Media Across the Curriculum

The Media IS
the Message

(Writing about Writing
on the one hand:
Talking about
Writing on
the other.)


How to Shoot
Sacred Bull.

Consider the difference
between learning how
to shoot a rifle at fixed
targets on the one hand
& on the other: how to
shoot shotguns at birds
on the wing. Or skeet,
if you’d rather.

Consider relationships:
between fixed & moving
targets, how the difference
illuminates learning how
to shoot some sacred

WRITING stands-for
reading, yes? Nothing
more fundamental
than writing:
manifestation, or as
Women’s Studies
students like to say:
of my reading.

Which nobody can touch:
it’s untouchable how I
read; can’t put my
finger on it.

Writing’s the best I
can do to represent
my Reading.

2 sides of the same
koine, but I can shuffle
the writing & deal. See:
me! Full house.

I confess: at times
I have made a big
deal of IT: I

The Freshman College Composition
examination assesses skills required
in most first-year English courses. It
addresses elements of language and
grammar; various types of writing,
both formal and informal; and limited
analysis and interpretation of short
passages of prose and poetry. The
examination assumes that candidates
know the fundamental principles of
rhetoric and can apply the principles
of standard written English. In addition,
the exam requires familiarity with the
research paper and reference skills.

Here: take this ball,
I’ve said. Shoot a foul
shot. Just
one, damnit.
Now: come over here,
sit down: we’ll discuss,
work shop: hey, how
‘bout that foul shot,
huh? ….etc.

OK: take another one.
Just one, damnit.
Come on over
here. Sit down.
We’ll work shop.


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