Friday, September 7, 2007

Twist and Shout


Body Language
Iso-morph: “same body”
Allomorph: “different body”

What is the Difference between
between SAME and DIFFERENT?
What is the Relationship?

What is the DIFFERENCE between
a difference that doesn’t make any
difference and a difference that
makes a difference?

How can you TELL the Difference
between these two kinds of difference?

I mean TELL, damnit—not just distinguish
but demonstrate: Tell AND Show!
(Right there: a difference that
makes a difference
right there.)

These images represent the SAME DEAL:
how it is that 2 opposing sides of the same
strip are actually all ONE SIDED.

These images look different:
different manifestations, yes?
Different embodiment of the same


(It’s the TWIST that makes all the difference
that makes all the difference. If that TWIST
weren’t there (see the last image): those 2 sides
of the koine would remain 2 different sides and
NOT 2 different sides that are also actually
the same page so to speak.)

>From a SCHOOL MODE standpoint
(not to be collapsed, conflated, or
confused with either Church Mode
or State Mode):

paradox and contradiction,
mixed metaphor and hidden
assumptions assuming I can
spot them, damnit, hidden as
they are) &

is the Gold’s Gymnasium:
Play Ground to be Playing
in at Play. Brer Rabbit’s
Briar Patch & Day
Care Center!

Not in Clarity or
Lucid Dreams:
dead end no
matter how
delightful. .

Go where IT don’t
just make Common
Sense: Non Sense
is good. No-Sense-
At-all: wonderful.
All three Mothers
of Invention.

IN School mode:
Hang with folks
who don’t agree
and don’t mind
Being in Disagree
mental Studies

Folks who insist
on being in the
clear and on the
same page will
be in the clear
and on the same
page and that’s
as far as it can

You don’t agree?

Twist and

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