Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Helen Killer

to be
collapsed or
with what’s
& sustainable
success stories.

This has no thing to do
with the Great Honda-
Toyota Looks-Like-a-
Hybrid competition,
Surge Success in Iraq,
Brittany Bombing the
MTV Awards, Non
Local Toys Out-Sourced
from China and other
practical house keeping
(eco-logical) concerns….


Helen Killer

Sign a million words into
her hand & maybe she’ll
Get IT and the cure, a
miracle worked!

Holy Smokes & Terror
(she might hum): this is
related to that & my
tautologic just doubled a
self-replicating leap from
body to soul:

Whattsa Matter?
to WORD.

Sticks & stunning stones
can’t hurt my manner
of speaking: only words
make a difference that
makes a difference; signal
a million or more of them
tap tap tapping at the doors
—‘tis the wind & nothing
more, shall lie wasted
never more.

Because he can is why a
dog licks his self and why
the chicken crossed the
road (to show possum it’s
possible); anyone can send
smoke signals from the cave:
put out a pong & anticipate
ping: stochastic process
accessing noise for news:
signs of terrestrial intelligence;
don’t matter the token content
exchanged: that it can be is
what counts.

xxxooo Presbyter

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