Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Immaculate Conceptions

Dear Liberal Artists and
Colleagues Across the

Immaculate Conceptions

IDEAS (thoughts)
FEELINGS (visceral, gut signal)

We know these notions (ideas) stand-for
radically DIFFERENT aspects of our
experience, true? Need we argue?

polarize the opposition—so it don’t bleed
into each other and fuse and confuse the ISSUE.

These 2 are properly and appropriately
Anti-Thetical to each other, yes? HOSTILE.
Procrustes couldn’t fit them both into the
same bed at the same time no matter how
he might hack and stretch.

Dialectical process (unlike dialogue and debate)
will TURN UP the opposition—put it in play,
keep it in play so that no one side wins.

LOVE THE ENEMY: definitely characterizes
Dialectical Process, if not political (church or
state modes). It’s a SCHOOL mode “game.”

Bring on the devil, the big bad wolf, the terrorist
and let them get in on IT: thesis & anti-thesis
and if we can SUSTAIN the FIGHT CLUB
gymnastics, hullabaloo, ruckus
biff, bam, ooo, ouch love it ;
then we might expect

Remember our fooling around with
last time? All the
ways we found to represent what those two terms
indicated (discrete countable units vs. continuum wholes):
well, let's call IDEAS digital and FEELINGS analogue
and your job (should you accept it) is to figure out the
Difference and the Relationship between

IT’s always a matter of time and timing, true?
(IT, I said. Do I have to be spelling IT out?)
This time piece gives both digital & analogue
display. Logic on the one hand, analogic on the
other. Clap and Clap.

xxxooo, Presbyter

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