Thursday, October 4, 2007

Raising the Elephant in the Room

Raising the Elephant in the Room

IN class, I tie myself up in Gordian
naughts trying to talk about stuff that
can’t be talked about, oh sure: it can
be talked about but the talk is not
what-it-is the talk is talking about
and actually eclipses with its clarity
what-it-is it’s talking about—which
is why-it-is this stuff can NOT be
talked about damnit; and yet we must:
we must be talking about the very
things we must not and yet preserve
the not-talking-about-ness so as to do
it justice and not diminish the what-it-is
that can’t (must not) be talked about
while still talking about it! Know what
I’m saying?

& you guys in your other disciplines
(the rigorous ones) probably don’t find
your self in this kind of pickle & can
celebrate clarity & eschew contra-
diction & paradox & apply full cost
account ability so to speak to what-it-is
you examine without concern as to what
you’re omitting in your tight consistent
& coherent commensuration, scrutiny &
predict ability.

See: something like this is why we call
ourselves a Humanities Di-vision, bracing
our doppelganger double-double doubt &
troubling dubious duplicity: embracing
ambiguities, & ambi-valences: moving
as it were like clods of unknowing—blind
& deaf, sure we are and not denying it either:
you got a problem with that? Our mode of

not to be
conflated &
confused with
those singularly
effective spot-on
accountable assess-
ability experts south
of Glad down in Wither
Spoon: ratio-analyzing like
anything because they CAN !

Not that there’s anything
wrong with THAT, either...

A consummation devoutly to be desired!
Every one hold tight to the place where
you stand and DECLARE!

(Don’t be swayed by rhetoric, fashion,
glamour, charisma, instrumental utility
& seemingly practical accountability,
timeliness spiritus mundi, weltan-
schauungian ex-officious authority,
chronicles of hire education, or the
permeate amniotic fluid we all swim
in soaking wet full of song and
furry theories about DRY

I’d be more specific about IT if I could
but this stuff can’t be talked about—well,
it CAN, but the talk is not the what-it-is
it’s talking about & that can be troubling
for many. Tell all the troops, but tell them
slant, says Emily D.: success in circuitry

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