Monday, October 8, 2007

Platonic Love

(Without which: nothing
but clanging ass &
gong show
going on
& on)

Discovery: the cover off
unveiling revelation apo-
calyptic holy smokes &
oooomygawwd: cry of the
epiphanic peek-a-boo

any time one’s head pops
thru the bubble as it were
& so to speak: goodness
gracious I had no idea
& now I do.

These events can not be
instituted or industrialized,
damnit, though they are
confrontations devoutly
to be desired

& how else characterize
the Liberal Art
(not to be collapsed,
conflated or confused
with liberal arts)
if not in terms of
break thru:
break out

Ah, aha ooops oh my
darn it yes Yes YES: I
get it. See at last
See at last

portrait of the
an old

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