Tuesday, October 9, 2007


VOX: Voice is ALL

Howard Cosell gave a work
shop last night in Fellowship

You may remember Howard
for his expertise in talking about
boxing EVEN as the BOXING
is Going On.

A close friend of Muhammad:
the two would quip & tease &
banter like old buddies...

Man In The Ring on the one hand;
Man Out of The Ring on the other.

exchanging their exquisite and
radically incommensurate points
of view on the Art of Pugilistic

Voice is all.
Presentation, call it:
dance like butter flies,
sting like bumble bees.

What ever’s going on
& on & on (content is galore):
it’s how-it-sounds(vox) that counts.

vox de auctoritas
on the one hand
voice of ex-officio
authority on the other.

IT always is-what-it-is
& so how-it-sounds
(per-sonic) makes the
difference that makes a

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