Friday, November 30, 2007

Environmental Adaptation, or is it Acclimatization?

Dear Colleagues great & little,
big & small, serious and

Environ Mental


What is it, what point of
view or frame of minding,
attitude, approach, stance
addresses the total over
whelm of information,
stimulus, prompting
response ability way
below my capacity to
absorb the simultaneous
connecting of the whole
no longer as-if it were a
global village I live in
but IS. Can you hear
me now?

Who needs to list fires
& floods, drought & the
foolishness of world
hysteria, bless our hearts
coursing thru the amnion
we swim in oblivious to
all wet let alone dry?

Turn on the TV it used to
be. Now I check my cell
phone lap-top-pallapalooza
used to be called a terminal
mediating me & the main
frame. Ground control to
Major Tom.

I need a presidential speech,
poet, demagogue, preacher,
teacher, henry ward beecher:
some means to encourage my
skepticism & necessary re-
moralization it takes to turn
up the gap & discrepancy as
interesting as holy smokes of
course, how could it be other
wise: to help me put it in play,
put my helmet on, take my
protein pills, pray for dis-
illusion mental studies
leadership programs &
get into the game.

Play & Be Played, damnit.
School & Be Schooled.

Hurts like sin so it must be
good things going on & on.
Gold’s gymnasium: Salutary.
Take off 500 lbs & be the
biggest loser.

xxxooo, Presbyter

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