Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Envionred Mental Addiction

Dear Colleague,

Do I overstate? I am large
I contain pulchritude.

Ad-Diction: to (ad) speak (diction)
“Addiction” literally means:
“to speak to”

Does that help or hinder your appreciation
of addiction and the addict? I myself am
addicted to addiction. It is addiction
I am addicted to:
speaking to speaking to's.

Which means I need conversation
(converse action) bad, or I’m screwed:
how can I speak to if there’s no ones
to speak-to back, conversely?

I “suffer” the silence of lambs, class
rooms & colleagues, always hoping
for the “evil”of voices rising up from
below so to speak—voices addicted to
passive reception & cowed by a lifelong
industrial environ-mentality of polite
policed politically correct sub-mission.
Voices on the verge of speaking out,
damnit: putting their perspective in play
come hell, high water or hegemony.

Just describing here.

The word CONVERSATION once meant
“lifestyle”: circle of acquaintances, one’s
“manner of life,” back & forth behavior.
Converse Action.

My Redundant Ax I Grind

I can’t DO
what-it-is I most
want to DO without the
reciprocity of converse action
which, if sustained, might generate
emerging shared insight and ideas
that can’t occur except by the play
of opposition called dialectic, liberal
art or loving-the-enemy. Take your
pick, how to call it: the more names
the merrier Call it edifying. Re-
building shared templates..

No forcing live converse, damnit. With
a grade gun, sure: Rat a Tat Tat. Dead
ritual & recital made to look lively,
hoppy toad dance macabre.

(my linguistics class, when I
tell them IT COUNTS
or else
"It’ll be on the final, damnit.")

My addiction can’t be packaged and
delivered & fed by texts & syllabi, quiz
and examination driven inquiry—not the
addiction my addiction is in.

Messy dirty business—opps, oh shoot,
ouch, doggone, ohhh yes Yes YES—
circling round,
missing the
target, zero
basing back
up from old
scratch, re-inventing
wheels & keeping-IT-in-play
sustain-ability. .

Talking School Mode here,
not your Church & State Modes.
Leisure-time back & forth activity
for the leisured classes which I do
my best to FRAME for I was going
to say you: I frame it for myself.
Does that make me a bad person?
I’m a addict. Devoted.

xxxooo, Sam

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