Friday, December 7, 2007

Argumental Studies and Leadership Programs

Dear Colleague(s).

Jason & Argonauts return with the
Golden Fleece (I.E. arg: the shining: brilliance:
argumental studies and leader ship programs.

Years ago a dean sent me an article claiming our
students didn’t know how to argue. Knowing
how and getting GOOD is as close to liberal
art as I know. Need we argue?

Not the yes-it-is no-it-isn’t funda-mentalism of
domestic caterwauling (2 cats, tails tied & tossed
over the clothes line) or even the smooth-it-away
let’s get on the same page & something done called
conspiracy & politics.

But rather: the symbolical-diabolical, thesis-antithesis
pro & antagonism fight-club affective/cerebral Gold’s
Gym ongoing work-out & practice called dialectic.

That’s the holy grail, see: emerging
figure/background phenomena rising
up in converse-action. You can sail
the 7 sees and still get no closer to
Argentina than Jason & his
legendary Argonauts.

Converse-action: conversation that cares for itself:
wants to go on & on; argument for argument’s sake.
Talk that talks back, loves the enemy’s worthy
opposition & needed! How else get better playing
old-time muses on the back porch: same old same old
fiddle tunes of the Western Mind?

Must be framed, cast and contextualized as sport, game,
art and not confused with dialogue and debate which are
both part of Dialectic, sub-aspects but not to be confused
with the whole process.

Like practicing martial arts where no one gets hurt physically.
Psycho-logically? Oh, sure: but I’ve got to be asking for it.
Want it. Bring IT on. We’ll have a ball:

(grade gun not needed: liability, actually)

symbolic and diabolic
wrestling IT out
anticipating the
whole-preserving synthesis
emerging out of sustainable
Liberal Art

Imagine the RESOURCE!
Untapped like wind and wave.
I imagine it, but can't tap into it.
Damnit. My Inner HitlerGandhi
grimaces and grinds.

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