Monday, December 10, 2007

Juxtapose and Be Juxtaposed

Dear Colleagues
Across the Curriculum
(courses with out borders)

Teach your children well,
Their father's hell did slowly go by.
And feed them on your dreams,
The ones they pick, the ones

you'll know by.

Don’t let education interfere with
your learning I think it was Samuel
Clemens said: advising his first yr.

The Liberal Art:
do your best to corrupt
the morals of the youth;
the groan-ups are incorrigible:
their sustainable incorruptibly, damnit,
might as well throw be throwing rice at
a rhino.
(Art Vining: urging surprising new ways
to re-frame old habits & habitats: how else un-sustain
our non-sustainable
sustain abilities?.)

New ways-of-stalking about
our old ways of doing things?

“Digital technology
has created
free-range history.”

I just read this in the NY Times
how-it-is events of our lives are
susceptible to instant record, video
documentation in the palm of any
one’s hand & not so easy to get
away with murder or cake-&-eat-
it-too as it has been in the passed.

Like our free-range chickens down on
the farm laying Presbyterian eggs: not
your cooped up spend-a-life-time-in-a-
cage kind. After they’ve seen Paris.

Larry Logic & Annie Analogic
& why can’t they just get along?

The opposite of a correct statement
is a false statement. But the opposite
of a profound truth may well be
another profound truth.

Neils Bohr

Contradiction is intolerable in the realm
of LOGIC, which by definition demands
I be internally consistent and free of contra-
diction. If I contradict oneself, I am NOT
at that moment, being LOGICAL.

Savvy. Possibly.
But you can’t be accusing me of logicality.

Logic’s a web of connection… no, not web:
an IF-THEN net, grid work, eternal structure
playing out in temporal sequence, oops, oh
heck…um, er, ahh....

These cartons within cartons don’t represent
temporal passage to India, say, but I let them
stand-for my consistency in cerebral relation-
ships, my discontinuous tautological thinking
within my boxes, biases, belief systems,
prejudices and convictions.

Dong Ping tells me DRAGON indicates power,
weather, seasons, size, a whelm & matrix let's
say: atmosphere and environ-mentalism in
Asian thought:
a continuuuuuummm
which of course this picture can’t stand-for because
it would spill over the page, oops, ohh, damn.

Now: I imagine me taking my grid-of-logic & slapping
it over the dragon, measuring it in terms of my procrustean
head & it always fits just right according to my prayers and
what I ask for though I don’t usually recognize the feed
back, damnit.

Ok ok: dragon has been morphed into Taj Mahal —whatever.
It’s the relationship between Grid and Piece of the Dragon
(whatever sampled) that I’m wondering about.

Represent! Can I say it all?
How large a chunk of IT can I say
before I am forced to contradict myself &
bring in the clowns, the pair o’ docs & hounds of hello?

I imagine my 3 little pigs in their Brick House:
surrounded by what is not included under homeland
security polices. Let BB Wolf stand for All that's Not
Welcome in the INN—unothodoxologic. Is that relationship
(BB WOLF & 3 Little Pigs) Hap-y? Or un? Friends or enemies?
Can they Just Get Along?

World Poverty continues—
plus everything else I hate &
got to love while still hating
or I’m screwed ( depraved,
deprived) navigating my
Environed Mental Studies
& Leader Ship Programs
so as to make the whirl
a better pace.

xxxooo, Presbyter

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