Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What Encourages Scholarship?

Scholarly Motivation

“How would you encourage scholarship?”

(literally: “leisure time” activities: L. schola – school = leisure)

A question raised in Meet the Candidate session
yesterday. Scholar ship traditionally defined as:

1) writing articles for refereed journals,
2) publishing books in reputable publishing houses,
3) delivering papers at professional conferences.

Or commercially, say: in terms of:

1) Agents,
2) Contracts,
3) Advances and
4) Editors.

Taking the Manuscript to Market to Market.

“Reward” was the response.

Reinforce-mental studies and leader ship programs.
And of course there are other not-so-much scholarly
ways faculty demonstrate their faculties: service to the
community, for example, excellence in the class room,
good advising. These must be encouraged, too. And

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