Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Chinese Disconnect

Dear Colleague(s),

Chinese Disconnect

Internet connectivity with China may go up and
down without warning over the weekend. The
way things are looking at the moment it will be
mostly down.

We are experiencing a denial of service attack on
our website, and we have isolated it as coming from
computers in China. They are likely compromised
and controlled by some third party without their
owners' knowledge

(keep your antivirus up to date, folks
so it doesn't happen to you),

But until we have a better handle on what is happening
we will have to block traffic coming from China as
necessary in order to stay connected to the rest of
the world.

Blocking the specific IP addresses it is coming from
has only led to others being used, so temporarily
at least it's all or nothing.

We will continue to monitor things over the weekend
as we work on a less blunt solution.
(Our e-envionmental Czar, David Harper)

Sounds like the trailer for a movie:
The China DIS-Connection
And it reminds me of my media illiteracy.

I can probably fake it for my last few years. At least
won’t tell and hope no one asks as students come up
from down under to service my computer—watching
them read with their fingers and navigate the labyrinth.

“There, Mr. Scoville—go ahead and do your mind walk.”

Post-literacy: Neo-Oral-cy in a Guttenberg
Environ-mentality. I can’t characterize it: the
medium I swim in . Ask a fish to define wet.

This kind of deal (if it could be characterized) might be
factored-in to thinking about thinking about talking about
talking about sustainability and environ-mentalism as well
as environmentalism.

On the one hand, something like: “The United States
favored relying on "aspirational" goals, research to
advance nonpolluting energy technologies and a mix
of measures, including mandatory steps like efficiency
standards for vehicles and appliances — but all set by
individual nations, not mandated by a global pact.”

That environmentalism. And on the other hand:
internet connectivity up & down over a weekend
com-promised and controlled by 3rd parties with
out an owners’ knowledge: traffic blocking and
monitoring a world of e- virtual reality cell phonic,
iPod amniotic: narcotized & narcissistic, confusing
my mind movies with material reality and melting
polar caps: the ecologies of whattsa matter on the
one hand and economies of mind minding mindfully
on the other as if the two were one hand clapping all
alone is all we are and ever more shall be so.

That environ mental study. Collective Frame of Mind-Set:
bias & belief tolerances, prejudice and conviction calibrations.
The local environment our environmentalism is in: amnion,
bubble, cave, closet, culture, convention, convenience…
how to call it? Ecos? Oikos. Domo?
It’s a brick

xxxooo, Presbyter

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