Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sacred Cow

Dear Colleagues

Ex Officio

There is no more sacred bovine in this
labyrinth of hire education than the
bellow of grades and then on top
of that: grade point averaging and
then on top of that: resume elaboration:
our signs & symbols of liberal arts
schooling—manifestations & embodi-
mental proof of industrialized learning.

Without out that bull at the heart of
our amaze-mental studies and leadership
programs, none of us would have any
authority, power, means of regulation,
control, attendance policy, points for
posters and speaking in class, system for
sorting and rating, recommendation and awards.

I’m just describing here. Not evaluating.
Anyone can improve my terms

Right this down.
It’ll be on the
final exam.

I promise you.

Right THERE:
that’s what makes it
all work top-down on
both sides of the desk.

Need we argue? Of course,
we must. Or what’s a college for?

xxxooo, Sam

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