Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Dense Gas

The kinetic energy
between the molecules
of the substance is so great
that being in a liquid phase is

but the pressure is so high
that the molecules
exist in a super
dense gas. Chelsea Maer

Poetry all around. Infinite resource if you can also
Talk Like an ENG Major.

I had a dream last night: the Triumvirate of the
Chronicles of Higher Education
Present, Past and In-Time-To-Come visited me over
the dread full night urging and urging and urging me
to cease & recant my foolish heresy harassing harried
homeland security agents guarding the shorelines of
industrial academic castling in the air to protect our
coin of the realm: pair o docs, GPA & QPA—twin
towers of trade & exchange & powers investing us by
virtue of their ex-officious authority to maintain order
in the classroom & sustain a semblance of liberal art.

I apologize for any offense provoked referencing the
Big Bull in the Heart of the Heart of the Country, our
minitaurus so to speak or you put it your way: goose
that lays the golden eggs, say; & it would be a crime
to kill it, I admit: wring its neck or merely mock: a
demoralization undermining the sustain-ability of our
environed mental policies & conspiracy to breathe-
together-as-one re our academic eco-logic, habits, &
habitat for humania.

Some eigenstatic things must not be uttered without
—dead or alive—
the cat gets out of the bag.

I know better.
I only canted (& now recant)
for the sake of argument: to stir a little
converse-action, ripple, shudder, brief bright
bridge across the still, silent waters of
curriculum collegiality or what’s a
college for?

Please: forgive. xxxooo, M. Luther P.S. I realize
(but ignore) that it is as impossible for YOU (my colleagues)
to conceive of The Grade Gun (my term & characterization of
academic environmental studies and readership programs (hire
education) as it is for Joe Fish to imagine WET, let alone dry.

Permeate, pervasive, pandemic, like swimming in amniotic fluid
all his life: Joe has no idea, no thing to compare IT with: his matrix,
his milieu, his cultural inheritance, weltanschauung, zeitgeist —
transparent & not even thru a glass darkly to suggest a
shadow of a doubt.

It would take some kind of an immaculate conception, alien
News from Beyond, for him to conceive what it’s like
to live under-the-gun, all soaking wet so to speak…

Environ Mental Studies

The critical point for a substance
is the temperature above which
the gas phase of the substance
can no longer be condensed
into liquid no matter what
pressure is applied.

Nevermind. xxxooo, Presbyter

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