Saturday, May 30, 2009

Empathy and Supreme Court Justice

Meta Hodus: The Way you Get There

But the way you get there was not a cool,
rational process. It was complex, unconscious
and emotional.

The mind tries on different solutions to see if
they fit. Ideas and insights bubble up from
some hidden layer of intuitions and heuristics.

Sometimes you feel yourself getting closer to
a conclusion, and sometimes you feel yourself
getting farther away.

The emotions serve as guidance signals, like
from a GPS, as you feel your way toward a

DAVID BROOKS on empathy & supreme court justice

Gary Hawkins might describe this “way” as one of
The 2 Economies—but if you look closely, it’s a
Destinationalized version of ourney: a cool been-
there-done-that rationalized description of the complex,
unconscious, irrational, mess&guess, trial & erroring
of process: way, journey, Sat afternoon football game
not yet reduced to our Monday Mornining Quarterbacks.

Exquisite: “from the quest, from the question”
Excellent: “from the column, from the hill.”
view from the top

Look at David:
does he look like
man in the muddle?
Of course not. Could be
making a graduation speech.
Muddle is occluded by the neat
suit of destination: the other economy.

I agree with what he’s saying. But it’s a cover up.
The more clear, the less. Can’t talk about irrationality
except rationally,which of course don’t do justice,
supreme or other wise.

Like talking about unconsciousness consciously,
interpreting dreams, describing darkness—all lit
up by my lite of reason & lucid schemes.

Do I do it justice?
Can I?

If journey is the destination, then the un-cool
irrational process, unconscious and emotional,
ideas and insights bubbling up from some hidden
layer of intuitions & heuristics, is the state of
minding devoutly to be desired. May we turn
IT up? Put IT in play? Make a school out of it?

Feeling my way
Clod of unknowing.

The face of ratios & rationality.
Not of :the way you get there.
Need we argue?

xxxooo, Sam

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