Friday, May 29, 2009

Talk About Talking

Dia-lectic: Can't Talk about Any Thing
Important Until We Talk About
How We're Going to Talk About It.

"Ivory Tower" (say): not to be confused with
"Surrounding Territory" or "Moat." Can you
tell the differences? The relationships?

Thanks for coming by, Steve.
Listening to my blather.
Pumps me up a bit.
I admit it.

Conversation: I call it converse-action.

IT, I said.

(live as opposed to scripted converse: interaction,
like game or sport or art: back & forth, call &
response, tit for tat, point & counter point,
yes-but’s & disclaimers, modifications,
digressions, transgression & free
associations, small revelations
reduced as quickly to cliché,
petering out like any
Socratic dialogue:
no great resolution, no
monumental truth to lithograph,
carry away to propagate, send abroad
like spam: Jonny Appleseed scattering good
o can you hear me now you chronicles of hire
education, deliver the news,. deliver a paper, deliver
the letter, the sooner the better. Deliverance.)

And when it subsides & I slap my head and
wonder why’d I say THAT for crying out loud
I’d know “the converse-action made me do it,
educed, seduced, drew me right out, mid-wived
a wise crack & stupid; & didn’t even know I
thought that way till I heard myself saying it—
or hadn’t had the chance to put in play before
getting local feedback that tugged it right out,
damnit.. Teased. Who knew?

Nothing like IT. Emerging phenomena.
unpredictable as upside down flamingo &
hedgehog croquet. Can’t herd or nail down
without killing. Me, necrophiliadelphian,
anesthetizing to get my business done.
No wiggling allowed.

Grooves of Academy.

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