Saturday, May 9, 2009

Meta Evalation: Local Feedback

Evaluate this
Evaluate that.

Assessmentalism and dare I say SACs has us by the short hairs?

How'm I doing? Now: How'm I doing? Now: How'm I doing?

That would be my evaluation.

Because I'm sure as environmentally aware as we are--greening,
growing, and sustaining the rushes ho, we'd never on our own
cultivate such on going seemingly incessant walking on eggs
(w.o.e.) evaluational self consciousness--and frame it as
responsible, taken for granite.

Evaluate this.
Evaluate that.

Essential to developing collaborative genius, says Keith Sawyer
(google):an environment which encourages failure. That's
counter intuitive to the academic mind but makes sense
to Sawyer in the business ofgenerating the new.

Our universities, however, continue to teach and operate
in the system that is destroying the biosphere. Adherence
to the old mind-set, the old curricula, obsolete pedagogy,
and shortsighted planning are producing graduates who
are trained to perpetuate the destruction of the biosphere.

Business, upon which so much depends, will never “get it”
with graduates like these entering the work force.
(Ray Anderson, our 09 graduation speaker)

Of course evaluation plays a role. But grade-gun consciousness
has become the dominant paradigm. Need we argue?
We argued for days over the wording of our FINE
ARTS GEN ED requirement: doesn't our assessmentalism
inspire equal performance-evaluating consideration?
Evaluate our evaluating. Why not?

Yrs in environmental studies.
xxxooo, Sam

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