Friday, May 8, 2009

People are More Important than Ideas

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People are more important than ideas, my father
always told me and he's right but I love ideas.

People who love people are the luckiest people
in the world; I admit it, lucky at cards. No

God is no respecter of persons, the bible tells
me so. Obama would nominate neither me nor
God for Supreme Court Justice. Having no

If God were empathetic, no need for a mediator,
demi-urge, trickster, a mercurious hermes, jesus,
jester, joker, clown, fool for christ's sakes, con man,
coyote, crow; and he would let us finish the Tower
of Babble
, bridge the gap—happy to see us freely
scooting from one east side of campus to west.

Neils Bohr claimed the opposite of a profound
truth is another profound truth so it may be true
that ideas are also more important than people
who are more important than ideas.

“I see we are approaching paradox,” says Bohr.
“We must be making progress.”

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