Thursday, May 7, 2009

Improving Terms (or what's a college for?)

Dear American Literati and Colleagues
Across the Curriculum.

Aesthetic (if not artistic) Sharing.
Or, if you prefer: "presentation"
(General Education at any rate).

Hysteria. & Narcissus & can’t they Just Get Along?

If you read Howell’s "Editha"—you get a representation
of the popular, common sense notion of “hysteria”
(from hustera: womb, whelm, matrix): highly charged,
emotional, epic drama, stereo- typically characterized
as feminine. from time to time. Irrational. Illogical,
damnit. Settle down. .

Editha hypes up patriotism (!) surrounding the Spanish
American War & convinces her pacifist fiancé to go
get himself killed. Noble cause, however; and she
continues to live in the IDEAL despite a dead boy friend.

Hysteria. Hysterics.Hysterical. Irrational. Illogical.

“Neither logic nor sermons convince.” (WW)

As if we are of the womb, still in the whelm, swimming
in the matrix—amniotic, all soaking wet—not even
born let alone born again. Suffused with fear and
homeland security issues, anxieties and worry
worry worry: logical and rational worry:
the worst kind.

Me: swimming in the womb, all wet and expert on
DRY (“ab-solut”). I’m hysterical.
We’re in hysterics.

As if
An analogy (not a logic)
A metaphor. Myth. Variant on Plato's Cave.

Look around. Check it out. Hysteria: does it
serve to represent (somewhat) the human condition?
Our irrational rationality? Our illogical logicality?
Our cover-up and denial?

How would I describe/explain the economic
reconfiguration going on? The Swine Flu

“Logical?” “Rational?”. Illogical?
Irrational? Hysterical.?

Describe, I tell myself:
Not judge. Suspend my judgment, belief & disbelief
for the moment: just trying to be “academic” here—
VIEW-ing is all.
Trying to see for myself.

I can condemn a little later

Well—even if I box my belief and unbelief and
suspend it on the desk so it won’t get lost, denied,
or covered-up, I’m still going to be gazing at my
own image and image-I-nation in the pond, so to
—seeing the insides of skull & I-lid like a
cave wall-- my necessarily narcissistic version,
rendition. twist, projection, solipsistic take
on what’s going on, what's going on,
s'up, what's happening.
“Out there”

If you will.

Economic reformatting and swine
flew over the cuckoo’s nest
Some thing like that.
As-if. I said

Not talking IS here.
Meta force is all.

(Any one can improve my terms,
images, sharing, presentation--or
what's a college for & some
general education?)

xxxooo, Sam

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