Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Dear Dialecticians and Colleagues
Across the Curriculum



Brother in Iraq....Friends in Iraq....Decisions Made for me
Homeland security....Rape in the Alley....Pacifism tradition
Hitler and Holocaust....Expanding Consciousness....Personal principles root

WAR is Inherent// No it’s Social (acquired )
kill & be killed// no killing
..........(attitude. mind-set)

Anatomy of some converse action. It happened to be about war
and foliated into the various branches represented above the
tree—any one of which could generate it’s own woody web
Could have been about anything.

I dare say most converse-actioners lose sight of the either/or
fundamental root which generates a matrix of related associative
images metaphors, examples, topics any one of which can be
a node-of-it’s-own.

To be able to come back to the point (an either/or: really—
get it down to a minimal pair: that’s where the choice of
choice is located) is a dialectical skill (the thesis/antithesis
that is the start of IT all)

But you can see how easy it is to get lost in limbs, branches,
and twigs and forget the root of the issue—and even resist it—
having such a good time swinging in the foliage.
Need we argue?

Of course—and get good at it.Loving it. Life long x-treme sport.
Liberal Art.

(Topic, content, subject-object matter, makes no never mind.
Galore. The more trivial the tokens, the less likely to fall into
the confusion of right & wrong, goodness and evil, cultural
and conventional relativities. It’s the process that counts.
True? Need we argue? )

xxxooo, Sam

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