Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm not part of the problem: I am the problem

Ways of Talking 103

Absolute = ab-solution: out of the solution.
Absolut: Dry as opposed to All Wet. .

I don’t see myself as part of the problem
because—see—I’m trying hard to fix
it: to be part of the solution.

And the harder I try to be part of the
solution, the more I’m part of the
problem. So I AM part of the
problem. I admit it. I am
the problem.

I know that but try hard never the less.
It goes with the territory: the more I try
the more I fail—and trying is necessary.
Simply not sufficient. Not only insufficient:
but damaging. Retarding. Blocking
the progress.

Necessary, none the less.

Don’t ever give up says Donald Trump:
whatever you do.

Albert Einstein said the ways of thought
and talk that generate the problem can not
be the ways of thought and talk that solve it.
Something like that. Close enough.

& Kurt Goedel reports that a system can be
consistent or complete—but not both; can’t
be proving itself with its own axioms. Boot-
strapping. No walking on water. Something
like that. Close enough. Anyone can improve
my terms.

& then there’s Heisenberg reminding me I
can measure position OR velocity but not
both at the same time. It’s like a conversation
can go along swimmingly, a velocipede with
a shared sense that stuff is getting done, till
some wise guy pulls out a GPS & insists: what
do you mean by “getting done?” Define your
terms. And it’s down & down we go, round
& round we go….

My wife insists I can’t have cake and eat it too
& she’s right and wrong at the same time and
I believe these are all variations on the same
either/or dilemma: one or the other but not
both in realtime but both at the same
time none the less.

The hard one:

the more I try the less I succeed.
& yet it’s absolutely necessary
to be trying. and failing which
is the only way to succeed..

This is all non-sense, of course,
if not no-sense-at-all: not your
common sense—that’s for sure.
Mums the word.

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