Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ways of Talking (104)

More on Transformational
Learning, maybe.

Einstein says I can’t
be using the thought &
talk that generates my
problems to solve them,
but I have to know what
kind of thought & talk it
takes that makes them
so as to not be abusing
same old sam old.

I stock pile & store
conserve, save, preserve,
horde, collect like some
squirrel to have & to
hold what I need for
my "work" like it’s no
long, long time from
here to September.

Holding on. Holding
on to what I got &
wait’ll they get a
load of this is what
ties my Gordian
naughts; keeps me
trying to balance
eggs on end if I
just keep it up:
more of the same
old better than less.

Put IT in play:
throw it away
throw it away
throw it away.

Holding on to
holding on is
what generates
my attention
deficit in the
first place but
throwing it away?

I‘d have to let
go & I’m no

Go Directly to Hell

“Religion is for those who
don't want to go to Hell.

Spirituality is for those
of us who have already
been through it”

Face Book comment from
a former Warren Wilson
student playing distinctions
between “wisdom” &
“holiness”—or between
liberal arts and liberal art,
say .

Are they the same? he asks.

Richard B might make it
clear to his recruiters to
make it known to our
candidates (not everyone):

“Let it be said: we’ll put
you through hell, get your
money’s worth: stalwart
pilgrims, toward frontiers
yet unknown.

Or you can choose religion
& circumnavigate the pit
like some burning bush.”

from Henry Jensen’s
Alma Matrix

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