Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ah, the Humanities Division

Ah, the Humanities

Northing human is inhumane.
Variation on Terence who
claimed Nothing human is
alien to me.

“Whatever is is good,” said
Pope, foreshadowing Snoop.

Jane Goodall feels the same.
Chimps do no wrong: nothing
a chimp does is behavior ill-
befitting a chimpanzee.

Alien: sure.
All alien to Jane.
How could it be otherwise?

Otherwise, mere anthropologic
no monkey-see monkey-do but
jane-see, jane-do & bad monkeys
galore, inhumane.


No one steps in the same Face
Book twice and no 2 faces the
same. Each an original flow of
its own unique as snowflakes:
now you see us now you don't
& you got to bray to play. We
still play & we play still in the
game: effervescent transit stories.
Our message: The Media, every
move we make, every step we
take: none the same; twice bold
tales all in the family. No thing
human is inhumane, no human
thing is alien to me, says Terence:
it's 9 PM, I just walked my dog
and all is well and all is well
and all manner of things is well. . .


  1. No human is inhumane, and yet humans waged WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Irak, we consume and deplete earths resources, and yet we are human, all too human...unique indeed, no one steps into the same facebook twice, but its all the same, face pictures,
    contact info, same old same old..

  2. How can any thing a monkey do, be
    in-monkey? Or a dog? Inhumane is
    a word humans use to disassociate
    themselves and their humanity from
    what they deny about themselves.
    "Oh, that is so NOT ME." I might say
    excusing myself: "how could I be so
    stupid!" War is human. Peace, it would seem, if we're going to use
    the word, is "inhumane." But it's
    all human, true?