Friday, July 17, 2009

Takes a Global Village and Local Foodback

Dear College & Colleagues
Across the Universe,

Spaceship Earth.

The world was shrinking into
a globule village as early as
late 60’s when I lay in bed
in Durham watching the first
man on the moon and fires
rip through memory
of a King and a Kennedy

Space & time reformatted
thanks to media:
the message..

A decade earlier, sitting
between Jack Heinz &
Jock Pillsbury, my attention
efficiently tracking an un-
google-able lecture on
Barth's Theological
Circle, taking notes for
what might beon the final

Before marrying his private
topless go-go dancer my
brother sent all the Beatle's
albums from Santa Cruz to
North Carolina along with
Stewart Brand’s Whole
Catalog, its clues
for good tools, & E.F.
Schumacher’s Small is

Later, my sister-in-law kept
safe in convoys out to Colorado
and back thanks to Citizen Band
radio right in her own car & an
ability to talk good buddy
bettern a trucker.

When I came to Swannanoa
it was an imposition and
hardship by faculty to
insist all papers be

First generation college students
from Appalachia, many of them,
plus 27 % overseas, mostly
Arabian products of our
mission outreach &
good ol boy

I’ve got PONG in my attic
to prove the primitive origins
of our earlier educating at the
crack of dawn beginnings of
our virtual realities & the
break down of bicameral
minding. .. .

Cell phones arrived when one
of our Joan Beebe Teaching
Fellows walked across the
terrace from Sunderland
into Jensen speaking
long distance while
going to class.

The mother of one of the
Monkees invented

David Harper corrected me
instantly by e-mail when I
attributed WITE OUT to
Bob Dylan's old lady in a
Post to Colleagues Across
The Curriculum, mis-informed
my self by a short story 1 I’d
read on death & dying about
denial and joking to cover it up
and the point is:

how quickly my mistakes
can be corrected nowadays.
Rectified in seconds.

Awesome! Awful!.

Many reading me right now
would not know wite-out
from bodiddly squat: how
useful it was to one's

Takes a global village.

1. Amy Hemple: In the Cemetery
Where Al Jolson is Buried.

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