Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dick Tracy Had a 2-Way Wrist Radio

Dear College, Colleagues,

Has anyone here other than
Ray Anderson and maybe
Margo Flood figured out
how the fact of twitter,
facebook, myspace, youtube
iPhone, palm pilot, video
phonics, google, bing and
old-fashioned e-mail etc
might have impact on the
way we do our educating?

A reconfiguration (trans-
formation, metamorph) or
simply an add-on to what
we already do: power point
presentation instead of
overhead projection?
Movie time in class instead
of slide-shows, clip art
hand outs replacing the
hand cranked mimeographed
study guides (this’ll be on
the test: don’t lose it).

It’s an environ mental question.
Sustainable too, probably.

Got the whole world in our
hands, laptop dancing a
hyper textuality .

I could go on.

But I’m interested if anyone
else wonders about this. Intrigued,
fascinated, enthralled—and whether
it can be (ought to be) brought out
in the open—put in play?

IT, I said.

I’m just asking:
a summertime reverie—
it's the difference between cultivating a
Collaborative Genius on the one hand
and on the other: :Individual Genius;
the difference between negotiating
relationship as well as taking care of
business without necessarily conflating,
collapsing or confusing the two.

Anyone can hit Reply To All and
we're dealing with it. Courses w'/o
Borders, Conversation across the

Nothing's going to change my world.
Fiona Apple sings John Lennon's plaint..

I remember when Dick Tracy's 2-way radio
seemed like a star wars tech: Imagine

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