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Analogies Across the Curriculum

Analogies Across the Curriculum
(glorious non-professionalisms)

Black Box Stochastic Process Minimal Pair
Principle of Least Effort Phoneme/Phone/
Allo-phone Phatic Communion Hermeneutics
Abduction Turn the Other Cheek Noblesse
Oblige Deep, Transform, Surface Grammars
Program, Translator, User-Friendly Languages
Explicit/Implicit/ Free Association Feedback vs
Calibration (Transformative Learning) Ockham's
Razor Digital/Analogue Noun/Verb Pathetic

Sampling a few notions: or “cepts,” a term generated
by Princeton students in the early 60’s describing
their ability to organize and store large amounts of
information for examinations; Evelyn Woods was
selling speed reading dynamics then and President
Kennedy was admired for his phenomenal ability to
devour the NYTimes.

Or call them memes, if you like, concepts across
the curriculum that may seem discipline-specific,
but put them in play & see howthey’re all-in-the
family. Relatives. You say tomato and I say tomahto
but we’re both talking the same passion fruit.


I told my old man, “You've got an awful big
Ego for a Presbyterian minister” and he said,
“Sure. I do. But mine's crucified.” And that
made sense of the whole otherwise morbid
deal. Of course, crucial: dead & buried
& alive to tell the tale. “Not honestly though:
a simple honesty is nothing but a lie”.

A black box is a device flow-chart designers use
to keep the process going while mapping-out a system:
here's a spot which makes nosense—a transform from
X to Z and Y remains a mystery. Egyptis clear enough
and also the Promised Land; but in between:wilderness,
what the hell? I put a black box over it & keep
representing. It'll come clear by & by.

Stochastic process: I’m an archer, see: shooting
arrows towardtargets yet unknown. Accessing noise
in search of news. Navigational. Jody Foster sends
guided missives into space anticipating contact and
extra terrestrialintelligence. Out of the box. A closed
system calling for outside help. Hosanna.

Minimal Pairing. Take any complex and reduce it
to a single difference: bet/bit, say, better/bitter where
in this case only a mid to high frontal sound distinguishes
otherwise identical information at hand. Linguists use
thisdevice to map phonemes & their location: vowels &
consonants, sounds and anti-sounds reduced to a
difference that makes a difference: playing the sames
& differences game & how we cherish diversity but
love identity,too.

Principle of Least Effort. “My yoga is easy, says
Jesus. “Easy as falling off a logic,” said my old man.
“You got to serve some body,” Bob Dylan claims.
No system willingly works harder than necessary
and no man does wrong knowingly according to Socrates.

Logical Types Pattern:

archetype.... phoneme.... morpheme..... idea...........................father
stereotype morph........... embodiment ...............son
allotype...... allophone.... allomorph..... allo-manifestation... wholly smoke

Try not to collapse, conflate, and confuse this structural
hierarchy(manifested diversely: the more representations
the merrier), and it's possible to avoid getting stuck in
ongoing antagonisms of cultural relativities, regional
conventions, local traditions & belief systems as well
as disciplinary bias. The map is never the territory
and no one in his left mind eats the menu.

Phatic Communion. “Empty.” Meaningless words
on a surface level but profoundly necessary in
relationship & social adhesiveness. “Hey, how you doon,
what's up, nice day, you ok, how's the family?”
discursive, not to be taken literally. Strokes & Status
recognition. All communion is phatic: have I told you
all about Hawthorne lately? Loaves and fishes?
Stone soup? See me. Hear me. Touch me. Feed me.
What I’m sayin!

Hermeneutics. How-to- read across the curriculum,
walking through a field or mall, in a classroom, round
the dinning room table. Immaculate and macular
conceptions, figures and back grounds, texts and
contexts: interpreting, explaining, blaming,
reasoning-whys, scape-goating: ripping
off parts of the whole to make some
sense of my own. The violent bear
it away. . .

Abduction. Seizing the daze: structural analogies
across the curriculum. I. see an elephant is very
like a fire hose. Meta-metaphor. A three chord
progression is very like the Egypt-Wilderness-
triad, to mark it to mark it
jiggity-jig. We shall never cease from
exploration and the
end of our
exploring is to arrive at
where we started
and know it
the first time.

Turn the Other Cheek. Sounds pious but it's
meta-practical big time—in relationship, at least,
if not before a court of law or on the streets where
one does what one can to protect oneself. Neither
logic nor sermons convince, says Whitman.
In relationship: I'm always accuse-able. I'm not
doing this because I'm doing that & always there’s
more to accuse than commend. That's what a “satan”
is good for: adversarial: worthy opponent pointing
out all I'm not. No defense is sufficient. Turn the
other cheek. Both.

Noblesse Oblige. The frame of mind that allows
one to turn the other cheek. Knowing better.
Go ahead, nail me--no sense arguing with
you of little fate. Excruciating, but it
doesn't kill me.

Pattern of Dynamic Triadics

...........................Transformational Grammar
Deep Generative Grammar Surface Structure Grammar

..................Translation Language
Program Language User Friendly Language

Genotype any given monkey at some
..........................point in time and space.

Free Association Beyond Literal and Metaphor
Explicit (literal) Implicit (metaphorical)

Triads. Sure: on the surface there's no comparison.
Got to read deeper to see the structural kinship:
academics, work, & service on the one hand theory,
practice, & performance on the other. Different and

A lot of “explanatory”: power in these samples.
I’d spell it out (always a temptation), but then
you wouldn’t be able to Get IT, get it?

Feedback vs. Calibration The difference between
getting good shooting a rifle & fixed target on the one
hand and getting better at shooting duck with a shotgun
on the other hand. Single shot proficiency vs multiple
whole-batch correction over time. We teach kids rifle:
one shot at a time & feedback (red pencil and letter
grading). Each round counts. As opposed to go do a lot
of it: shoot yr ass off. Write yr ass off. We’ll talk. Re
calibrate the whole system. Transformative learning. .

Ockham's Razor Aside from advocating simplicity
in explanation, Ockham drew a line separating what
we can know and what we can’t. The logical positivists
don’t cross the line. It’s nonsense, what we can’t know.
Walk away. Irene Illogic & the Irrationalists: she’ll
push toward frontiers yet unknown, knowing better.

Digital/Analogue (noun/verb; nouning/verbing).
Tell & Show. the difference between the discrete,
discontinuous, countable, & measurable, and the
none of the above. Incommensurate: the two—
quantity and quality, linear and non-linear,
purposive and constellative. Fundamentalism.


Pathetic Fallacy: The angry waves, the cruel sun, the
antic breeze, rapacious monkeys, criminal wall street,
forgiving snow, my alma matrix, strong and weak forces,
whispering pines: pathetic if not pathological but it’s
what we do.

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