Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Noggin Notion (cont.)

Dear College, Dear Colleagues,

Noggin Notions (cont.)
Up for Grabs
Play & Be Played
School & Be Schooled

Black Box

A device engineers & flow-chart
designers use to keep a process
going while mapping-out a

Here's a spot which makes no sense:
a transform from X to Z: and Y
remains a mystery.

Egypt is clear enough and also the
Promised Land.

In between: wilderness;
what the hell?

I put a black box over it & keep
representing. It'll come clear
by & by


How-to- read across a curriculum,
walking through a field or mall,
in a classroom, round a dinning
room table.

Immaculate & macular conceptions,
figures & backgrounds, texts &
contexts: interpreting, explaining,
blaming, reasoning-whys, escape-
goating: ripping-off parts of the
whole to make some sense of my
own. The violent bear it away. . .

Stochastic process

Me: archer: shooting arrows
with no name toward targets
yet unknown. Accessing noise
in search of news.

Jody Foster sends out guided missives
anticipating contact & extra terrestrial
if not terrestrial intelligence, shooting
the moon..

Out Out Out of the box. A closed
system calling for outside help.
Hosanna. Cybernetic.

Phatic Communion

Empty. Meaningless words on a
surface level but necessary in
relationship & social adhesiveness.

“Hey, how you doon? What's up?
Nice day, you ok? How's the family?”

Non-discursive: don’t take me literally.
Strokes & Status recognition.
All communion is phatic.

Have I told you about Hawthorne
lately? Loaves and fishes? Stone
soup? See me. Hear me. Touch
me. Feed me. What I’m sayin.


Seizing the daze: structural
analogies across the curriculum.

I. see an elephant is very like
a fire hose. Tree trunk.
Whisk broom…


A three-chord progression
is very like :
Promised Land with giants.

…the end of our exploring:
to arrive where we started
like a virgin.

Noblesse Oblige.

The frame of minding that
allows one to turn my other
cheek. Knowing better.

Go ahead, nail me,
No sense arguing
with you of little fat..

Excruciating, but it don't
kill me dead.

Ockham's Razor

Aside from advocating
simplicity in explanation,
Ockham drew a line separating
what we can know from what we can’t..

Logical Positivists don’t cross the line.
Nonsense: what we can’t know.
Walk away.

Irene Illogic & the Irrationalists:
They rock. Pushing toward frontiers
yet unknown, knowing better.

Or call them memes, if you like,
concepts across the curriculum
that may seem discipline-specific,

but put them in play & see how
they’re all-in-the family.

Relatives, relatively speaking.
It’s all relatives.

You say tomato and I say tomahto:
we’re both talking ‘bout the
dreadful passion

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