Friday, July 3, 2009

Critical Thinking Among Liars

“All man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a
room alone” Blaise Pascal

No man does wrong knowingly. Socrates

Willis Weatherford, President Emeritus of Berea College and
trustee of Warren Wilson grimaced at my clamor:

Where is our Ivory Tower when we need it?

All work-program-ania going on here
Our Academics: a work program.
Our Service: the same.

WWC: We Work Constantly.
Voluntary Involuntarism.

It’s a “work program” we run, Willis. You can call it academics,
work, & service if you want.

Critical Thinking Among Liars

Liberal Art is so not the-liberal-arts & the difference is
like sphere to flatland,
Tom the Fisherman to Peter Pike,
Mohammad Ali to Howard Cosel, Will I Am Faulkner or
Shakespeare to some Eng teacher
teaching Eng majors
or merely environ-
mentalists fulfilling their Gen Ed require-
mental studies and leadership program: take this down.
It’ll be on the final.)

This says everything about me and nothing about liberal art or
liberal arts, environ-mentalists, English majors, Gen. Ed
requirements or final examinations. .

This is my bawdy broken for view. I don’t have a problem with it:
comfortable in my own sin .

When Epimenides, the Cretan, said All Cretans are liars, maybe
he knew his tongue tied him in the same tango he might have meant
to avoid if not deny and cover..

Tongue tied & tangled whether I know it or not.

Knowing it is better.

Like the student who declared to the class: This Book Sucks—thinking
he was saying some thing about our text rather than apocalyptically
ripping the veil from his own self, Epimenides-like: a revelation and
emerging phenomenon.

Didn’t know any better yet.

Am I true to my word? If so:
not. true to my self.

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