Saturday, July 4, 2009

Freedom Ringing State of the Art

Freedom Ringing

”Logic and sermons never convince.“

Principle of Least Effort

An entity, organization or system tries
either to change its environment to suit
its needs, or to change itself to suit the
demands of the environment whichever
is easier in terms of effort and cost. In
other words, one either resists or goes
with the flow… ( Wikipedia)

Change what I can, accept what I can’t,
and tell the difference which so far I
can’t know without failing again
& again.

Can a living system can be less than
state of the art?

(I could have done better if I wanted to
and I didn’t
want to but I could have
if I wanted to.)

1. Without love: I am a gong show.
2. I am without love.
3. I am a gong show.

1. Machines fail.
2. Men fail
3. Men are Machines.

He’s quite logical we might say, admiringly.
She’s intriguingly analogical which is to say
illogical unless I collapse & conflate logic
& analogic & claim they’re both Logic like
fusing Show & Tell, verbs & nouns, minding
my own minding business mindfully.

Why do you keep chopping things up, Sam,
it’s all relatives and related, with starving
children in Africa, health care to legislate,
Michael Jackson to bury, Sara Palin to
analyze, Mark Sanford to excoriate, jobless
to support, Afghanistan to secure, fourth of
July to celebrate, freedom to let ring: my
students challenging my fooling with words &
ideas: ridiculous to the savvy, offensive to the
conscientious, and a violation of the work-work
& service-work programs if not the whole &

"How can man's knowledge protect his desire
for truth from illusion? How can he wait without
to worship?" asks W.H. Auden

My cowardly heroism disciplined goldbrick
dedicated & devoted slack venture-forth
head in the sand stalwart pioneer
pilgrimage toward frontiers
yet unknown stands to

Neither logic nor sermons
convince me otherwise;
I’m convicted.

State of the art.

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