Monday, July 27, 2009

Stupid Really means Stunned & Ready for Study

Ego Think Ergo Ego Am

“And if we obey God,

we must disobey our
self, wherein the
hardness of obeying
God consists.”

(Moby Dick, Melville)

The Crucified & Crucifying “Ego”
(Latin for “I”: 1st person, singular)

I might could of calibrated my words
a little better but “stupid” really means
stunned, stunning— just right for
study. A teachable moment.

Putting Words in the Mouth of
Obama For the Sake of Argument,
of course, or what’s a college for?

Crucify & Be Crucified. Nail & Be Nailed.
Dying dead & buried only to rise & rise
again, born & reborn back to where
Ego started from.

Signs of successful crucifying going on:
excoriated by enemies & loved ones,
shoots & roots, peers, colleagues,
neighbors, police & policies,
members of the bawdy politic

(this is crucial)

no FEELING of defense, no homeland
insecurity, let not your heart be troubled,
let nothing you dismay: Ego knows: for
heaven’s sakes, makes perfecting good
sense: Ego must needs be crucified,
castigated, corrugated on a regular
basis, incorrigible for crying out loud.:

Ego was doing THIS
and not “that,” damnit:
or “that’ and not THIS;
and so from a wholistic
stand point, Ego is always
liable, accuse-able.

Ego makes no common sense, say, when Ego
insists on hauling Isaac up the hill to cut his throat
in sacrifice. “Zounds!” Ego tells all. “God told me,
me merely obeying,” and so of course righteous
persecution from both goodies and baddies
must ensue, it makes common sense..

Or it need not be dire.
Ego neglects to call home.
Ego forgets an anniversary.
Ego pursues purely selfish goals
sensible to no one but Ego, insulted
by Lawmen and the Common Wealth
in the privacy of Ego’s own home sweet
home after struggling to break in; Ego crowbars:
forcing the issue...

Of course Ego is nail-able. Excruciated and
excruciating; the Crucified Ego knows its
vulnerability, embraces & feels no defense
as no defense is possible: indefensible.
Ego turns the other cheek.

Ego of Constant Sorrow. “Ego so sorry,”
says Ego: which only a crucified ego can
feel and say: there’s no faking it.


An engraving of Xantippe dumping a chamber
pot down the neck and back of Socrates who
sits elderly and pondering on the front stoop
of his house: the crucifixion of a crucified ego
going on.

Yes, dear.
I understand.
I feel your pain.
I neglect and neglect :
sitting on my ass in the
groves of academe listening
to cicada, bullshitting with youngsters.
Paedophiliac.. I understand. Throw some
more of that night soil on me if it well help
sooth the savage breast.

Crucifying Socrates, so to speak,
& he’s a better myn for it;
aren’t we all ?
He died for our spins,
in manners of speaking.

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