Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nothing's Going to Change My World

Dear College,

Face Book like fishing for complement: complete
me please—wait’ll they get a load of this my wise
crack, commentary, sweet nothing, textual
harassment is all; no 2 home pages alike, writings
on the wall of plato’s cave: now you see it now
you don’t worry plenty more where that came from:
look ma no hands. LIKE I said. Not IS. There’s
a difference. Just describing here. Not judging.

I can’t characterize it: the media message. Used
to trade baseball cards: now you tube links on line:
here take a look at this—wild beasts charging lions.
Read Walden or consider heavy metal fishermen in
Colorado, Did you see Sarah sing? Or Sharon? I
can hook you up. The complete great books: what
line were you wanting? Sound tracks


let them 2 samples represent. Or you choose.
Any part will stand for the whole.

When our founding fathers founded our fictions to
live by it took some time to get a message to London
let alone to what would become California: covered
wagon communication and bold clipper ships about
when Harvard hired lecturers to tell preachers how to
teach. Parceled it out. Take this down: it’ll be on the
examination. Have a good summer.
See you next semester.


Nothing’s going to change my whirl.
Nothing’s going to change my whirl.

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