Monday, July 13, 2009

Crack on Everything: That's how the Light Gets In

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown
of the Bicameral
Mind and Subsequent Formation
of the 2 Economies.

There's a crack in everything,
that's how the light gets in.

L. Cohen

Dedicated to G___ H___ and Required First Yr

Composing Programming at Warren Wilson
or What's a College for?

Every thing is cracked to let light in.
No cracks: no light.

Cracked up:
prerequisite to
enlightenmental studies
and leadership programs.

Not the whole story, but always:
in the beginnings: crack crepitating confusion
& constellating a 3rd dimension.

Rat a tattoo: my old man like Joe Jackson
would whip concupiscent curds from his
razor strop, mom spanking our monkey
shines with a hair brush & the school
principle (knick knack paddy whack) says
bend down & grab your ankles during the
daze before it became abuse & was merely
like tattoos: butt cracks of the universe: hurt
a little, sure, but making the whirl a better pace;
see how my Rose of Sharon rises from my
rear end. Wings sprout behind my shoulder

We called it Huck Finn's Disease & Tom
Sawyer Syndrome before Attention
Deficiency (lite & hyper); young children
still roller-skated, hop-scotched & biked
around the neighborhood without helmets,
dogs cruised back yards unleashed, people
drank water straight from the tap, smoked
Lucky Strikes inside movie theaters, fell
out of tree houses, hammered tin cans
onto the soles of their shoes to clatter down
the alley, set fire to the lot next to the nunnery
lighting butts secured from Sunday morning
steps of Our Mother of Merry, climbed the
water spout into the men's room of Central
Theater & down velvet stairs for a free
Wizard of Oz; let a 20 lb snapping turtle
loose on the living room rug, suspended
school for inhaling Old Gold's in the Boys
Room, cheated biology & math exams
what a breeze, vandal-izing construction
on Daniel Webster School for its invasion
of our Sacred Wood, hoisting 45 rpms, un-
filtered Pell Malls and dirty books from
Maxwell Drug, without benefit of Ritalin
or Adderall not to mention a Prozac Nation
designed to curtail the rise of emergent
values & phenomena and change the kind
of thinking that lets light shine thru
all those cracks..

Love cracked me
open and I'm alive
to tell the tale,

not honestly:

a simple honesty
is nothing but
a lie.

Denise Levertov “The 3rd Dimension,”
reformatted to fit my screed

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