Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Other Enviornmentalism

Frame of Mind
(The Other Environmentalism)

The System’s sustainable:
state of the art sustaining
counter to intuition’s sealed
insularity & no whine
released before
its time.

Homeland securities
permit invasion only
when the timing’s right
for evolution. Oh, evolve!.
Other wise: rice off a rhino.

In-denial is in-denial of
in-denial, denying denying
not knowing better: sustaining
system-as-is until ready for
disillusion, demoralization.&
beginnings of reformation
which I hate like sin.

The collective frame of mind,
culture, custom, convention,
tradition, discipline, habit &
habitat, rites, routines, tuition
and intuition: all sustain

Neither logic nor sermons
convince, but contradiction
& paradox need not apply.
Imagination may count more
than knowledge but knowledge
is what count counts. The kind
of thinking that makes problems
can’t fix them but it’s the only
kind we like.

Like weather, like communication
like it or not: the system’s state
of the art. & sustains sustainability


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