Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Other Environmentalism

The Other Environmentalism

I drive a 1990 Ford Taurus
but Jim Barkley Toyota
tells me it doesn’t fit the
Cash for Clunkers profile.

Someone down the hall
picking a phrase on the
banjo—over and over.
Do Da.

The word “surreal” has no
cachet. It’s all surreal now:
dominant pair of dimes.
Real would be the real

Dada: movement admittedly
destructive with the intent of
mocking, perverting, and
demolishing the tenets of
painting, music, poetry,
philosophy, logic and even
reason itself to set up a
pretended madness instead,
protesting what the leaders
of the movement regarded
as the insane & vicious
destruction of civilization,
life, & thought taking
place in the trenches of
World War I. In France,
it took the form of
Surrealism. (Wm Rose Benet)

Entitled-mental Studies
& Leadership programs:
the Other Environmentalism.

Narcissism R me. Solipsist:
I see only what I am
but don’t think to
call it “Sam.”

If you accuse me,
I’ll have to deny
sustaining my sense
of sustainable
or I got no
leg to stand
with no cachet.

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