Saturday, August 8, 2009

Emergency Epistemology

Dear College, Dear Colleagues,

Emergent Values and Phenomenon
(Emergency Epistemology )

Spitting into the ocean, yes;
but it’s the spitting that counts.

Throwing rice at a rhino, yes,
but it’s the throwing that counts.

Not the rice, not the rhino,
not the spit, not the


is what counts
if you are a verb.

On the other hand
if you are nominal:
rice, rhino, spit, and
ocean are what count
for you


I would be a lot smarter
and smarting if I weren’t
just playing with myself.

I see the virtue of old wives:
their tales regarding the idiocy
that emerges (an emergent
phenomenon) out of self-

Me and My Agenda.

I am about my father’s
pizza and bet I’m not
the only one.

Dung beetles called Scarabaeoidea
and termites called Macrotemes
blindly roll balls of elephant dung
colliding with others of their kind
rolling their own holy smokes &
out of that cloud of unknowing
bump and grind: oops, beep beep
damnit, pardon me, so sorry,
rises up as emergent phenomena
habitations of air conditioned
condominium, hallway & corridor,
quarters for soldiers & fungal gardens,
nurseries, queens for central intelligence:
whole system information processing
linked to the distribution of local
food workers provide.


All our actions have 2 agenda, says
Steven Piker:

1) Emphatic: talking care of business .

2) Phatic: negotiating relationship
(cultivating, grooming, strokes and

Which of the 2 counts most?
Relationship or Business?
or Education?

Imagine these orders of insects pushing
Sisyphean balls of elephantine, clods
of unknowing as far as whole & holy
is concerned (building-up our termite
city with rocks and rolls), taking care
of getRdone business—covering
ground &

no one stands round to stare.
It is nobody else's affair
It couldn't be called ungentle
But how thoroughly


And yet, unknowingly—blindly and
with no ears to hear—their every action
contributes to the building-up of the whole
Formic universe across the curriculum..

How thoroughly edifying.

xxxooo, Presbyter

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