Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fear in a Hand Full of Must

B.O.Y.S. & C
(beginning of the year)
signs & cymbals

Fear in a Hand Full of Must

Tight fist squeezing lungs
& heart; bunch of boy
scouts camping under my
sternum sterno-cooking
weenies & roasting marsh
mallows: what He feels
like, my friend Fear.

Counselor. Paraklete. .
Guide Idios Daemon

Comes & goes but always .
hangs round: now I don’t
feel him, now I do—
present in His

Mornings: I yawn great
rib-cracking chasms to
manufacture abysmal gaps
sufficient to let Fear slip
by for a moment— stretch,
groan, scratch: take a turn
in the yard before settling
back to snooze & sniff,
chase rare bits & bark at
both ends--all the time:
nothing but a hound dog.

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