Sunday, August 2, 2009

Henry, Fondly (the born again koan)


On watching Henry Fonda
again last night, trucking on
Route 66.

[For those of the Judaeo-Xtian
Persuasion (Sympathetic or Un
—makes no never mind) ]

The Born Again Koan

As if someone said, In order to be safe,
you must Be In California.

And I said—"ok, already got my big-
flower shirt on, packing up the truck
in Okalahoma, and I’m on my way
California here I come"

O no: you must be there but you
can’t get there from here: No Way.

It’s beyond you. It’s beyond your

notions of what’s beyond you.
Beyond your notions of what’s
beyond your notions of what’s
beyond you, It's beyond...,

Ultima Thule.

You want words for IT? —ok: stumbling blocks,
they’ll hinder as much as they help:


* you must be born again—of the spirit but I’m
not talking "spiritualism" here, know what I mean?

* you must die and be reborn again and again.

* first? you must be last.

* rich in idea & insight, truth & noggin notion,
with many talents and high purpose? Sorry:
you’re screwed: no way though Needles.

* . ..and in the eyes of the hungry there is a
wrath In the souls of the people
the grapes of wrath
are filling and growing
heavy, growing heavy for the

Even as you hear these words you must doubt them:
“Yes, but”—you will say, and quibble
appropriately. Such nonsense,
you will say.

YES! Of course.

Turn IT up.
Keep IT in play.

Henry's still on the road again.

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