Thursday, August 27, 2009

ORIGINS (In the Beginnings)


In the Beginnings:


Let’s use the last, seeing as this is
fiction class.

Authors authorizing authority authoritatively.

VOICE is all. Content’s galore.

Elizabeth (I think) inaugurated yesterday's
“Life of the Body Politic” by raising the
question of POWER—in Flannery’s story.

IT stayed on Flannery a bit—the cat’s name,
out of the bag. etc

But jumped (I think) to REALITY and fiction,
and experience and imagination and belief
(no “faith” mentioned) and stuff on the
board (thanks to Laila) and IT seemed to
run around on that level for awhile till
someone (was it me?) mentioned


& I got off on my wild hare: one of my favorites:
the ORIGIN of Guilt. We FEEL it but it
taxes our intellect (sometimes) to determine
a BECAUSE (origin) and so maybe we make
up one (fiction, fashion) or like our hero The MISFIT—
we contrive an action that will make it make sense.

Justify my Guilt, says Misfit: and proceeds to
authorize it in serial killing. An originator.
An original.

No wonder I feel guilt: I'm killing all these people!
Who can't identify? I feel similar when I walk out
of class.

We seem to have a problem with the idea of originality.
No one’s original, we say. It’s all been done. “Nothing
new under the sun” says the Ecclesiastes. Ho Hum

Yet Elizabeth originated our Live Converse (or Dead—
depending on your view point: if Get R Done and Cover
Ground is your goal —then dead dead dead),

The In the Beginnings of the Universe of
yesterday began with her comment. We are
originators. We are fictioners. Need we argue? Of course,
or what’s a college for.

In “school” mode, at leasts (L schola – leisure,
leisure time: schooldays, schola-ship).

Best, Sam (feel free to punch reply, or better,
reply to all if you feel the converse is worth
sustaining and sustainable)

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