Friday, August 28, 2009

Who Wants To Be an Idiot?

“Who wants to be an idiot?”

Robyn started up






the Universe of Converse Action

last class simply by asking the


“Who wants to be an idiot?”

Who wants to be anything>

Who wants to be a genius?

Who wants to be a veterinarian?

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Do you see the PATTERN?

Who Wants _______?

Sure, the direct objects vary, but

don’t let the variations (diversity)

occlude the SAME.

want, lack, need, desire….

This is the GAME:

Sames & Differences

and how to do justice to both

identity & diversity

unity & difference

e pluribus unum &

e unum pluribus

It’s the basis for Analogy if not for Logic.

(What’s the Difference between Logic

and Analogic? What’s the Same?).

(What’s the Difference between

Idiocy and Genius?

What’s the same?)

The relationships?

If Robyn hadn’t originated our Universe

of Converse Action & “life of the body politic”

(my idiosyncratic labels for 2nd half of class),

IT would have been radically Different.

Although also, of course: the Same.

IT would have been both:

Different and the Same.

You got a problem with that?

IT, I said. Do I need to

be spelling IT out?

Am I making any sense? How would I know

if you didn’t tell me? How do YOU

make sense?

xxxooo, Ralph Waldo

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