Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh, Evolve!

Courses Without Borders Across The Curriculum Series

Dear Fictionists, Linguists, Transcendentalists &
Colleages Among the Disciplines. .

So much to know; so little time
So little to know: so much time.

Niels Bohr says something like:

The opposite of a profound truth
is another profound truth. The
opposite of a trivial truth is
a contradiction.

He also announced:

Aha: I see we are headed toward
paradox: we must be making

Never on Friday Club

What do you mean IT’S ALL FICTION!
Sam? All really un-real, really? One & the
same universally? All different & unique?
All GOOD and yet so bad.

If it’s all lies, then there’s no truth except,
of course, the larger Truth that It’s All Lies
and the even larger TRUTH that
It’s All Lies.

"'All Cretans are liars,'
said Epimenides, the Cretan. "

If that statement’s true, it’s a lie.
And if it’s a lie:
it’s true.

We’re all Cretans. True?

Is this just a Play with Language?
Nonsense if not no sense at all?

Some of you get understandably, righteously irritated with me—
my overstatements, my reductions, exaggerations, understatements,
violations, poor grammar. Or worse: you ignore me.

“OBEDIENCE”: “to hear,” “listen”
oyez, obey, audio: can you hear me now?
Disobedience = ignore-ance.

In Western (biblical) Tradition: we know of 2 origin myths.
One: Adam, Eve & the Apple on the Tree of Knowledge:
telling disaster generating from disobedience: environmental
deafness: not listening, not hearing: ecologic-illogic.

Second: The Tower of Babel— supposedly illustrating the
origin of languages, but actually saying why we don't
understand each other: we don't speak the same language.
Idiots--our idiolect never fits on the same page, so to speak:
or walks inside other people's moccasins, sandals, loafers,

Man IS an island!. .

God watched the conspiracy building: hauling-up a tower
to bridge Heaven and Earth, & said hell with that: not on
my watch
, not on our terms, and confounded our ability to
make common sense.

What? You think we make some? May we argue?

And so the tower crumbled.
Good for God! What God
hath separated let no myn
bring together, collapse,
conflate, or confuse
except as convenient
cultural convention &
conformity: fictions to live
by, sure: lies to filter the
whelm, organize alma matrix
—make heaven out of hell, hello!
a hell out of heaven. IT’S
literally hysterical, need
we argue?.

Imagine: bridging “heaven” and “earth,”
Ice Cream Parlors in Hades, Venus & Mars
just Getting Along, California & Connecticut,
and Church&State, Science & Art…
I could go on: mixing and contaminating,
defiling the intellective categories, abolishing
the boundaries --a noetic depravity, an
cerebral abomination.

That would be the end of IT, yes?
All done. IT is finished: Perfect.
Over—Heaven & Earth as ONE, no longer
the dynamic.

Now what?
Oh Evolve!

xxxooo, Sam

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